Malicious Promises (Under Major Editing)

Malicious Promises (Under Major Editing)

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He is the real description of hate. His cold demeanor brings the toughest ones to their knees. He is heartless, ruthless, and enormously cold. He is your devil. But she doesn't care.

She is the most adorable and naive girl you can see. At twenty she already has her heart broken once but her spirit remains alive. She loves to give people name and changes her moods within minutes. She is your angel. 
But does he care?

What happens when the paths of the two polar opposites clash together? What happens when the angel feels drawn to the devil and the devil finds himself massively attracted to the angel. The love hate relation between the two and their defiant ways brings both of them a roller coaster ride. Ride with them and discover the true essence of love.

VampireLover789 VampireLover789 Aug 12, 2016
You had me at ur cover picture. Enrique Iglesias😍😍😍