Stuck in Naruto (under editing )

Stuck in Naruto (under editing )

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Under the radar By Oreo_Crew Updated Sep 24, 2017

Sick  and tired of  physical and emotional abuse at her orphanage Lola packs her things and leaves.

Stealing a boat she heads to sea what she doesn't  except is a storm .

The storm sinks her boat and she starts drowning she then heads to grab her bag to get her mothers necklace.

With her last breath she grabs the necklace and passed out.

Lola wakes up with something breathing  in her face groggily rubs her eyes she then sees 4 .................

                                                               ( Read to Find out !!!!!!) <(* ^ *)>  


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nickolerulez nickolerulez Aug 06, 2017
if she's going to be lovestruck by someone then I have a tip for that someone RUN BICTH RUN OR GO KILL YOURSELF TO SAVE YOU FROM THE TORTURE
shikasakuforever shikasakuforever Jul 12, 2017
Shino does not get as much attention as other characters. So no more shino bashing
thedogwhisperer224 thedogwhisperer224 Jul 05, 2017
That's breaking the fourth wall! ( I think.. I mean watching Naruto in a Naruto fanfic...)
Madu_Blue Madu_Blue Sep 09, 2017
Gaara or Shino ???? 😵
                              Shino..................Gaara or Shino!!!
thedogwhisperer224 thedogwhisperer224 Jul 05, 2017
I wanna see a talking wolf! ( off topic... Back to the story!)
viriBVB viriBVB Jul 14, 2017
I've fallen asleep in class before..... it went as I expected 
                              Not getting caught got you there didn't I