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alletsarnott By alletsarnott Completed

When a new girl starts at BuzzFeed she catches the eye of a certain Try Guy. Will they fall for each other or will Eugene's workaholic personality get in the way? 

I hope you all enjoy this book. I am still learning how to write and any critisiam is greatly apprectatied

hahaha this is so not like me. I'm a workaholic, but If you think I dress nice you must be smoking crack. I'm in fcking med school do you think I have money to buy new clothes from anywhere but good will?
Tbh, It's Kinda Okay if British Or something Since Theyrr  A Bit Similar
I dress the same and have the same personality.......but I'm actually Irish
When I saw the car, my immediate though was "Is that Dean's car? HOLY FÜCK BALLS IT IS!!"
Sorry to all that aren't from NZ it's just we never get the chance to be put in books
It should be complete sleeves and on my neck and around my torso under my tank top