Clayton's Quirks

Clayton's Quirks

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Rachel By knightsrachel Updated Feb 08

Clayton Johnson has been struggling to find his place in this world since he was 8-years old, and he was still considered to be Clayton Simmons.
That was the first time that his dad laid a hand on him. That was the first time that Clayton's world came crumbling down around him, that the life he knew was no longer the life he would continue to live.
Now, 11 years later, Clayton still can't shake the traumatic event that was his childhood. He still has flashbacks, still has nightmares. And the one person that he considered his best friend is gone.
He's never been good at making friends, at social interactions, but getting switched into the starting line-up for the University of Florida's baseball team his Sophomore year of college forces his hand. He finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of an adventure that he never meant to get involved with, and he might just have to tackle some of his greatest fears in order to come out on top.

*Trigger Warning: This books deals with issues such as Alcholism & childhood abuse.

-Cover created by: liveandlove10

i_am_dun_with_you i_am_dun_with_you Apr 09, 2016
I literally just finished reading the golden couple and immediatly came to this story SO CAN U UNDERSTAND THE AMOUNT IF PAIN THIS CAUSED ME RN
Utopiabooks22 Utopiabooks22 Apr 01, 2016
Too soon Rachel
                              Even though I did come to this sorry for that 😭😭😭
                              BRYCE ANDERSON
                              Wonderful BESTFRIEND
                              BASEBALL PLAYER
paintpuddles paintpuddles Aug 16, 2016
Can we all just confirm that this is the definition of HAWT DAAAAAAYYYYYUMMMM
Sandrawarne Sandrawarne Apr 05, 2016
Have you ever thought about making a prequel to The Golden Couple?  This is my third time rereading TGC in one week. I can't get enough of Bryce and Sophie!
SimpleRecoveryx SimpleRecoveryx Nov 25, 2016
Whoa but Derrick is such a dick and I can't imagine Carlos like that😂
- - Nov 08, 2016
Why do you do this to me all the time everyone I read one of your books I end up crying