Perfect → Lashton

Perfect → Lashton

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❄️ Claudia ❄️ By SimpaticoLuke Completed

'I can taste her lipstick, and see her laying across your chest, 
I can feel the distance, everytime you remember her fingertips, 
Maybe I should be more like her, 
I can taste her lipstick,
It's like I'm kissing her too and she's perfect.' 
In which Luke knows Ashton's cheating on him with someone who's perfect.

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The picture on the video of Sel is the same as the poster I have in my room and like I looked up at her and she literally looked straight back at me like "Yasss that's my song bïtch"
donnynovitski donnynovitski Sep 08, 2016
I hate when ppl know they're being cheated on but can't break up with them it's heartbreaking
ForestMuke ForestMuke Feb 05, 2016
It's not even the first chapter and I almost cried by just reading the description
HiOrHeyOopsHi HiOrHeyOopsHi Jan 18, 2016
Omg i'm kinda so excited about this story but i'm so scared to read this cause it's gonna be so saaad D:
AlexLee610 AlexLee610 Jan 18, 2016
i think it's gonna be cool if ashton gonna apologize and cry
                              but luke's answer gonna be no because he's cheater ash is cheater and ummm we need not so short but long story because this story  sounds so nicee