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Is This Love Corporal?

Is This Love Corporal?

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Chishiru By Chishiru Completed

Corporal Levi. No emotion, clean freak, humanity's strongest soldier. Not anymore. (y/ n) (l/n) is stronger than him and she's just a cadet. She laughs and has fun, but when it comes to fighting titans, she's a stone cold killer. She hates Levi and Levi hates her. Or does he? Hate is an emotion correct? Well, so is love. Corporal does have emotions.                                    

In my story Levi will be in his late twenties and (y/ n) is her her early twenties. This story opens up when (y/n) has just joined the survey corps/ scouting regiment. She has no respect for Levi and has few friends. She is nice to almost everyone and takes her training seriously. Levi tries his best to get her to listen to him, but she absolutely refuses. This is what draws them together, right?

Okay these idiots never learn! Last time they played the 'who can kill the most titans' game, Eren got eaten!
I'm more of a fan of gin but if beer is the only thing available I'll drink it
I hear man seducer (Alois).
                              Levi: did you just call me a man seducer?
                              Me: no... (Yea I totally did)
Meowenette Meowenette Jun 11
I do these things to my sister only to piss her off and it works too xD
Jean only invites horses. And his parents witch are horses. And other people that look like horses. And they all are in the stables together.
YEEAHHH HANJIIII TAKE ME WITH YOUUU!!! CAPTAIN SHORTY IS BEING MEAN! And I get the next titan you capture! And I get to name them!