Zendaya Lesbian Imagines

Zendaya Lesbian Imagines

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DuuhDee By DuuhDee Updated Oct 27

Y.N's Pov..

Me - No im not scared !

-Thunder hits-

Me - *scream*
Tay - Yea. Not scared at all. U sure u dont want me to come over?
Me - Naah girl im fine. 
Tay - Mmhm. Call me if u need me.

I hung up the phone. That was my bestfriend Taylor. Tay.. for short. Its thundering and my lights keep flickering on and off. 

Then i heard a knock on my front door...hell naw. This aint no damn scary movie i aint finna die..

Well...i cant keep them waiting..
I walked downstairs and opened the front door to see a tall. Carmel. Big brown eye'd. Wet. Sexy female standing there.. 

Me - u-uh can i help u?

Her - Yea ma, i got into a fight with one of my homies and i walked out. It started raining when i walked on this block and yo house seemed less creepier than others... 

Me - U wanna come in..?

Her - Can i..?

I held the door open while she walked in.. 

Her - Wow nice crib.. 

Me - Thanks... need a towel..? 

Her - yea  sure. 

Me - c'mon... 

We walked upstairs. She was behind me.. i felt e...

PonnyxBoy PonnyxBoy Aug 27
She is so damn fine tho... I'm like yeah she fine wonder when she'll be mine she walk past i press rewind to see that ass one more time and I got this se
bvbytaee bvbytaee 2 days ago
wtf, you don't just let strangers in, especially if they talk like that
Rule of staying by yourself: DONT FLIPPING LET STRANGERS COME IN!!!!