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Blood (BWWM) (Vampire)

Blood (BWWM) (Vampire)

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DelayedDreamer By DelayedDreamer Updated Apr 08

Kara is your average working girl. Except she works twice as hard as everybody else to pay off not only her but also her mother's debt. One night Kara meets a man at the club, and discovers a whole new world. A world in which she doesn't have be a victim to her circumstances. 

 And she can have all this in exchange for one thing, 

Happy to know I wasn't the only one who thought of BTS when I read the first couple of words
juicyfruitqueen juicyfruitqueen Jun 05, 2016
Gurrrrlll! Have you lost your mind?! That drink was just left idly on the table and now some guy is sitting there when he wasn't there before by himself. Now you wanna drink the wine? You've never heard of date rape drugs? 😱😲😰😒😷 DON'T DO IT! DONT DO IT, Joe voice from Madea!
-blackroses -blackroses May 07, 2016
Your description has and error. I think you meant except instead of expect.
BaiXxo BaiXxo Jul 31, 2016
This child done lost her ever loving mind. Before my mom gave me her version of the sex talk she told me don't ever drink something that you never opens or see them open for you.
adirahharris13467 adirahharris13467 Apr 21, 2016
I like black black. I love black.  Kinda how I feel on the inside😥
beautifully_flaweedd beautifully_flaweedd Dec 24, 2016
🎼 He only want me when I'm naughty....He better call Becky with the good hair.🎶🎼