My life, with/ and Park Jimin

My life, with/ and Park Jimin

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Yo!!! I'm here with a new story!! If you're new suport my other book: The worst beginning because of A New Life Because Of V.
This new story will also be you so.... I hope ya like it!!!
I'm 17 years old. A high scholar.

Trying to make everyone happy, that's what I do. My parents arguid all time and ended up divorcing. Dad married a women who's daughter always let me feel the reason of everything bad. 

My parents let me marry the one I hate. The one I hate who has a big secret. The one who changed me back when I was young. And the one I later fall in love with. The one who loves to bully me. The one that will let me cry all night.

That boy's name is....Park Jimin.
XD The story about herself (past) isn't gonna be long so dont worry!!!!

-PapiJimin -PapiJimin Aug 27
Holy crap that's a lot of characters lol I don't think I can keep up with all of them xD
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-PapiJimin -PapiJimin Aug 27
If my dad would've done that to my eomma, I would've called dem cops on him for abusing my eomma like that when she's still pregnant....