I can't do this alone (septiplier fanfic)

I can't do this alone (septiplier fanfic)

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Jack is having a horrible life at the moment. His girlfriend cheated on him, he's getting a bunch of hate on YouTube and in real life, and no one has talked to him in quite a while. All this adding up has led to Jack doing some...bad things to himself.

Mark has noticed that Jack is different in his videos. He's a lot less enthusiastic, more quiet, and the videos are very short. Mark is starting to get worried about his Irish friend and has decided to surprise him in Ireland. Will Mark be able to pull Jack up on his feet, or will Jack only spiral deeper and deeper into depression?


reasons why everything Jack is saying about himself is a lie 1.Jack is one of the kindest people alive and has pulled people out of depression 2.Jack is an absolute sex bomb 3.he has helped people to get rid of suicidel thoughts he is an amazing person.
Oh Mark did a 10 hr time skip because he is lazy wow 
                              Lol jk
I know this feeling I was clean for about 2 weeks then my bf broke up with me and I did it again I need to stop
haha room 69 that's cool that's cool....... they gonna have some sexy time in there am I right or am I right
Room 69 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I need to get my head out of the gutter
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69 I'm so immature but you know everybody saw that don't judge me