I can't do this alone (septiplier fanfic)

I can't do this alone (septiplier fanfic)

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Jack is having a horrible life at the moment. His girlfriend cheated on him, he's getting a bunch of hate on YouTube and in real life, and no one has talked to him in quite a while. All this adding up has led to Jack doing some...bad things to himself.

Mark has noticed that Jack is different in his videos. He's a lot less enthusiastic, more quiet, and the videos are very short. Mark is starting to get worried about his Irish friend and has decided to surprise him in Ireland. Will Mark be able to pull Jack up on his feet, or will Jack only spiral deeper and deeper into depression?


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bbuttercupp bbuttercupp Sep 24, 2017
oml guys please stop! just to say from my pov as an anorexic I don't see anyone who has a normal weight, or above normal weight as fat. Please don't judge your body off of what anorexic people think of themselves because they wouldn't think that of you!!
Jaguary0013 Jaguary0013 Apr 07
I weight 46 kg as a 164 cm "tall", 15 year old Teenager, and I think I’m fat even tho I’m underweight and anorexic. sO plEaSe bE hAppY wiTH ur wEiGHT!! Pls!!
SepticIdiot SepticIdiot Mar 30, 2017
so many trigger warnings
insane119 insane119 Sep 20, 2017
Wow I am really fat then. I'm like 8 stone. I think that's around 115?
IShipGayStuffXD IShipGayStuffXD Aug 11, 2017
Mark if you don't get your a*s down here I swear I'll drag you to where jack is at
Awww  Jack you are perfect don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!