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monique By Monibeatle Updated Sep 19, 2017

"You can remember this, kitten." Ross said with that smirk plastered his face. 

"I will catch you if you fall."

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Cessvillaruell Cessvillaruell May 03, 2017
Really?? A daddy??... So all of them is your kids???!😂😂😂
thelemonadelife thelemonadelife Dec 15, 2016
I doubt god gave have you abs, like you weren't born with them bro you probably just go to the gym the a lot 😂
jimin_joy jimin_joy May 07, 2016
No Ross lemme explain it to you. Addiction is when you are overly obsessed with R5 and Raura that you go way to down to read fanfics about them because those but holes ain't together
Raura_1995 Raura_1995 Jun 19, 2016
Sure, smoking is an addiction and so is Laura Marano. Who you may never can't get enough of her
gotmarkjin gotmarkjin Jan 28, 2016
Sorry to burst your bubble Ross, but uh...cigarettes shouldn't be your addiction. It should be Laura Marie Marano.
RamDomPeEP RamDomPeEP Jan 22, 2017
I would be offended by this but my friend Ashwin says the same thing to our group call "The troublemakers" 😏