The GangLeader's Twins

The GangLeader's Twins

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The sweet, funny, and sarcastic Lacey Micheals is an average girl, not a nerd, but not popular either, but that doesn't mean she's a pushover, she doesn't take crap from anyone including Kurt Dylan. She may not be popular, but she will hold her ground against anyone who thinks she's lower than them.

Bad boy Kurt Dylan knows he's hot being the most popular guy in his school and the richest player known to his whole senior class, but no one knows what he does for a living outside of school besides his best friends Brent and Chris.

When Lacey's best friends Cami & Sara drag her to Kurt Dylan's 19th birthday party & Graduation bash she doesn't expect to get locked in his pool house with him, lots of sweet words & drinking later. She wakes up the next morning to him, saying she was a drunken mistake, leaving her heartbroken and swearing off boys for the rest her life.

Two months after the "KD Incident" Lacey realizes she hasn't gotten her period since it happened, after buying & taking a pregnancy test she learns she's pregnant. She decides it's best to not tell Kurt and moves away with her best friend.

Three years after the events that took place earlier Lacey has to return home after an accident while she's out she bumps into Kurt.

Find out what happens when Kurt meets his kids for the first time? Lacey's and Kurt's Confusing feelings? And a past out to get them?

Contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes.

Dave Franco! Daniel Sharman! Ashley Benson😭😍😣💖 Luke, Kyle and Cami are my fav characters now😂😂😂
I want that room but all the pink replaced with black and all the tan turned to white
"Uhmm mr. Turtle" "woah dude mr. Turtles my dad. The names crush" "and that's squirt" 😂