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The Chosen One

The Chosen One

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Holly Alsace White By Holly_Hotstuff Completed

When I was 18 years of age and starting in college I developed a crush on my female geography teacher. Little did I know that she felt the same and had set her target on getting to know me better and bedding me.

This story will be from both points of view.  The story is true but for the point of view of the teacher it is how I imagined this happening.

Holly Wood, Debi Turning, Jacqui Borsoin, Hayley De Salvi, Tess Lyndon, Amber Jack, Davis Trent, Derrick Riza, Michael Pollard, Jessica Lamb, Samantha Brady, Kevin Hodges, Maria Coleman, Katie Davidson

charlieco charlieco Sep 18, 2016
Nice start nice style looking forward to reading more and to see how this develops :)
ClareLynn ClareLynn Mar 13, 2016
I enjoy how the story is told from both perspectives, & that debi felt that she was the dominant one in her past relationships, but with Holly she had found her submissive side, as the story relates, there are two sides to all of us x
charlieco charlieco Sep 18, 2016
Likes chess hmm now your move teacher which piece will you move ?