Jason Voorhees X Reader

Jason Voorhees X Reader

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You are sleep in bed as your phone rings. Your friend are begging you to come camping with you. You say sure as they tell you pack they be their in 2 hours. You hang up the phone as you get up going to the bathroom to do your hygiene. Then you get dress packing some clothes and sandals (The outfit at the top). You go downstairs with your luggage as your mother cooking breakfast.

Mom: Your up early where you going?

Y/n: To camp Crystal lake with my friends

Mom: Be safe honey

Y/n: I will mom

You sit down at the table as your mom put a plate down of fruit salad, eggs, and toast. You eat as your friend text you to come out. You kiss your mom cheek telling her bye as you grab your bag and your phone leaving. You hop in your friend blue lincoln mkx. You guys drive to your 2 other friends houses as yall hope on the road.
After 3 hours of driving you and your friends reach the lake as yall park the car you looking around.

Y/n: So this place abandoned huh?

Nicole: Ya they closed it 2 yea...

kyra1234567890bruno kyra1234567890bruno Feb 01, 2016
My mom would be like okay honey... I'll enjoy the insurance money like fr
PancakeKiller47 PancakeKiller47 Nov 18, 2016
This bitch almost took up on his offer after finding out he fought a child murderer.
Rosalina_Gamer Rosalina_Gamer 5 days ago
It would be funny if there was a long as hell pause and the day she dies she says yes and her sits there like "its been 47 years" (did i say that right?)
ErrorRainbow246 ErrorRainbow246 Aug 29, 2016
EnderHeart EnderHeart Jun 27, 2016
To go die at camp crystal lake-- I mean I'm going camping with friends XD
amytry95816 amytry95816 Jun 27, 2016
"Whats your name?"
                              Jason Voorhees
                              "I cant date. A killer... Wait where you the one that fought freddy?"
                              "(even though you killed my friend) ehhh ill think about it XD"