Jason Voorhees X Reader

Jason Voorhees X Reader

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You are sleep in bed as your phone rings. Your friend are begging you to come camping with you. You say sure as they tell you pack they be their in 2 hours. You hang up the phone as you get up going to the bathroom to do your hygiene. Then you get dress packing some clothes and sandals (The outfit at the top). You go downstairs with your luggage as your mother cooking breakfast.

Mom: Your up early where you going?

Y/n: To camp Crystal lake with my friends

Mom: Be safe honey

Y/n: I will mom

You sit down at the table as your mom put a plate down of fruit salad, eggs, and toast. You eat as your friend text you to come out. You kiss your mom cheek telling her bye as you grab your bag and your phone leaving. You hop in your friend blue lincoln mkx. You guys drive to your 2 other friends houses as yall hope on the road.
After 3 hours of driving you and your friends reach the lake as yall park the car you looking around.

Y/n: So this place abandoned huh?

Nicole: Ya they closed it 2 yea...

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There can be only ONE Lily in this story and its gonna be me! She can be name Emily😂😂
TriafromFFF TriafromFFF Nov 29
wait where is he writing this? on sticky notes? on the wall? where?
"I THINK! I CAVEMAN!" (I'm not trying to make fun of it I'm sorry 😂😅)
Nvm m8 I uh gotta feed my pet rock and I have a meeting with harry potter and dan and phil in 9 bai *camilas*
Ive only watched bits and clips of his movies but ive read a lot of facts about him and I'm already a fan... In an hour of research
So sad ive never watched any jason movies in mai entire laifu