Taisetsu Na Mono [KHR Fanfiction]

Taisetsu Na Mono [KHR Fanfiction]

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Aizawa Mio By AizawaMio Updated Oct 03, 2016

Sawada Tsunayuki is a princess of Vongola Kingdom, trying her best to act as ordinary teenager by attending to Namimori Middle School. But things not going as smooth as she expected, everyone scare of her. 

Until a new student came, he has white hair and a tattoo above his right eye. His name is Byakuran. He gave her hope. She trust him and they develop feeling toward each other. 

Suddenly, a person come to take her power by pretending to become her friend. Will she accept his offer to become her friend and let her forget about Byakuran? Who is this person? What is his true plan? 

 Find out more in Taisetsu Na Mono.

Disclaimer : I do not own KHR and the medias but I do own the cover picture and the plot of this story. 

Dedicate to : harayukirin