The Rogue #Wattys2016 #JustWriteIt

The Rogue #Wattys2016 #JustWriteIt

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dharma Canau Kurt By dindindharma Updated a day ago

He growled possessively. He leant in, I could feel his hot breath fan against my cheek. Then he breathed in deeply, taking in my scent. When his gaze met mine, I could see his eyes tinted with lust. I clamped my legs shut. The males could always smell when the females were aroused. He lowered his head to my neck and smelt again. This time he  noticed the forming hickeys on my neck and he let out, yet another growl.

"Who did this!?" He demanded....
Was it a mistake to cross the border?
To leave the pack?

Victoria Everly, part of the Silverton pack, has decided to leave.
She wonders if it was the right choice.
Her life has been a living hell.
She hopes now that she can have a second chance,  a new life and maybe find her ♥mate♥


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