Enderlox x Dragon-hybrid reader

Enderlox x Dragon-hybrid reader

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Drakeheart1122 By Drakeheart1122 Updated May 01

As a hybrid yourself it's difficult to find those who will like you, but when you stumble across hybrids of the legendary Team Crafted thing will get interesting.  Especially when you meet the most powerful hybrid there.  

( This is set in Minecraft)

Story belongs to me.  You belong to you.  I own absolutely NO characters in this story.  They belong to their respectful owners.

Everything is purple! Purple eyes! Purple wings! Purple hair tips!-- Heck, even purple skin color!! 😂😂😂 (except the last part. . .)
Sea green eyes
                              Medium sky blue hair
                              Obsidian purple wings
                              (So a purple almost black color)
                              And that's my character! But if we choose the name my characters name is Lily Canadian (no I'm not Canadian I am a fan of banana canadian)
I read "b•tch trees" instead of "birch trees". I need to get my eyes checked.