Runaway.. (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

Runaway.. (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

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× Samantha × By supernatural_sean Updated Sep 27


You have had enough. You're leaving, running away, without a trace. Somewhere were nobody knows that your name is (Y/N) or that your 16 years old.

But Sean's not leaving you. Not now, not ever. You've have been best friends since you were little. You and Sean run away to a new town, With new identities, to start a new life, Climbing obstacles as they come.


This story deals with topics such as abuse, rape, self harm and drug use.

Female pronouns used.

Two things 
                              1. YAY U added the band part
                              2. NO NO NO I END UP WITH HIM GO AWAY HOW DARE HE HAVE A GF THAT ISNT ME!
Ugh Sarah? Can k keep my normal name Alissa or my Kat my sisters name
No one ever adds the fact about periods and thank you for that. You have no idea how much it would bother me. Thank you!
MLGBluePi MLGBluePi Oct 20
I love how irl, I absolutely adore signe. But when im on wattpad, I fücking loathe her XD
Yeah my name is jamie. You do have me sean!!!! DONT LEAVE MEH!!!!
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Omg again with Sarah! I really like the name! Mark also said "keep dancin' sarah I can see you" or something like that a while ago