100 Days In The Anime World

100 Days In The Anime World

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ㅤㅤㅤ By Grimoirelle Completed

A girl named Algaia have always fascinated the world of Anime. 
One day, she met the God Of Dreams named Morpheus, 
and granted her wish to live in different Anime worlds. 

But the story has a twist, 
she will only live there for 100 days.

She will lose both her life in the
real world and in her dream world 
if she fails to find someone 
to love before the last day.

Algaia is unaware of her power in this world, 
the power of her charm and beauty.
In every world she enters, she will capture 
the hearts of every guy that she meets.

Read the story of Algaia, the girl who 
traveled in different worlds in a hundred days.
A comedy, romance, adventure, fantasy, mystery
and slice of drama themed story for Anime lovers :)

©To the owners of the animes in this story.
Concepts & idea of this story is all mine alone.
Please do not make use of my original characters
without permission and/or copy this story. Thank you.
Anyone proven to have stolen this story's plot will be
reported immediately. I hope you understand.

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Princess_Eadlyn_ Princess_Eadlyn_ Dec 30, 2017
I respect that you’re annoyed but you really put all NaLu fans in a box right there
Omg I feel like he's a cross between yami bakura and izaya orihara
Little_Girl_246 Little_Girl_246 Dec 25, 2017
Iz called "Plagiarism" when you copy and not give credits. 
                              Just a new word! ^-^
                              But I understand. Although it kinda seems unfair for you, I mean, 'tis unique!
AimiAdachi AimiAdachi Dec 30, 2017
I saw people copying your title...
                              And it made me confused. But with the help of my best friend, she told me this is the REAL story. And in my mind I said "Oh yeah, it's a watty's winner. Of course"
Trust me, idrc if there are a few grammical errors because I have read a ton of fanfics that at one point I'd be "WHAT??!!" and "WHO IS HE??? . . *reads on* WHAT IS HAPPENING??!!" Plus everyone makes mistakes.
lunacat2002 lunacat2002 Jan 09
Lets see, i try and make my books good, and some of them are.  But i will never get this many views. I am not discovered yet. -laughs- I made a Star Celeste book which is my favorite. Only have 351 views and 23 chapters, what is your secret?