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Flashette(A Barry Allen/Flash Fanfiction)

Flashette(A Barry Allen/Flash Fanfiction)

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⚡️FLASHETTE⚡️ By Flashette1 Completed

(Season 1 Of The Flash) 
      Growing up without parents is hard enough, but it's even harder when no one understands you. That was Chloe's world.        
       At the age of 11, she found both her parents dead in her living room with no evidence of death, or even a suspect. She was taken in by the police, only to be ignored because her story seemed CRAZY to everyone around her. She was later sent to foster care before being adopted by Joe West. 
      To this day, she's a 25 year old forensic scientist who works alongside Barry Allen and Joe West at the "Central City Police Department." 
      Chloe's life was going great. She had a loving family, and a job that suited her. Her life certainly looked brighter than those dark days 14 years ago. But that quickly changed. 
      The malfunctioning of the particle accelerator, a yellow blast of energy, chemicals, and a lightning bolt, both caused Barry and Chloe to be left in a coma like state for 9-10 months. 
       When they wake, they discovered they are not the same as before those months they were in comas. They discover that they have something everybody doesn't: super speed. 
      At first, she finds her new abilities scary, but with the help of S.T.A.R Labs, Barry and Chloe go out as "The Flash" and "Flashette," protecting Central City from the dangers the Particle Accelerator has brought. What could be better than doing all that with the she loves? 
     With drama, action, love, and suspense, Chloe learns what it's like to be a hero.
      Follow her story as she learns how to balance her double life and keep one of the biggest secrets of all.  
(I do not own DC characters, elements, or events. I own the characters and events I create)

Flashette1 Flashette1 Mar 27, 2016
Yes, Barry Allen is still in the story, along with the rest of the cast. But it is in Chloe's point of view and not his.
Flashette1 Flashette1 Mar 27, 2016
Barry is actually Chloe's love interest. He is in the story more than any other person other then Chloe herself.