Rude |Sequel to Politely|

Rude |Sequel to Politely|

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Kelsey Wiggins By kelseybug2222 Completed

"Have you still got your blindfold on?" Harry's voice came from where he was tied up behind me. 

I could hear the pain in his voice and the dampness from his blood was now soaking into my pants. 


"Promise me you won't take it off."

Lol I thought this was a sequel to kidnapped and blind, not politely
She fell asleep in my, car I drove the whole time, but that's okay I'll just avoid the holes so she sleeps fine 🎶
girly_fan girly_fan Jun 12
Aww love you babe sorry about what happened, just PM me if you wana talk
Message me right now if you want to talk, because I completely understand what you're going through. Heck, it might be worse.