Bleeding Heart | REMUS LUPIN

Bleeding Heart | REMUS LUPIN

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˗ˏˋ Lily. By queentroverted Updated Jan 28, 2017

Ivory Perkins knew too much.

She had watched Remus Lupin from afar, wondering about the scars that ran across his face and thinking that they made him beautiful in a strange and mysterious way. He intrigued her in a way that she'd never been intrigued before. He was a paradox, because everything about him was contradictory. He was beautiful, but also damaged almost beyond repair. He appeared battered, but at the same time he held so much strength.

Yet Ivory paid too much attention to details, and she noticed more than she ought to. There was something strange about the boy who sat behind her in Transfiguration and his three best friends. They disappeared sometimesーonce a month, to be exact. No one else seemed to notice the pattern: that it was always on the full moon.

She was the only one to notice these things, simply because only she cared enough to notice. For some reason, whatever her assumptions were about what Remus was didn't scare her away, whether those assumptions were true or not. She had always wanted a reason to get close to him, but horrible circumstances brought them together when Ivory's entire world crumbled into nothingness.

As she got closer to Remus, she realized that he was just as broken as she was. He had a scarred face; she had a scarred heart.

Remus and Ivory, Ivory and Remus... they were both fragmented pieces.

But maybe two broken pieces could fit together to form a masterpiece.

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ZSiddZ ZSiddZ Nov 17, 2017
My lips read Remory, but my brain registered Dory. 
                              So now I'm just thinking about baby Dory and "Just keep swimming".
whorecruxes whorecruxes Jul 09, 2017
lmao im snatched already just take my heart and don't give it back
PercyJackson1514 PercyJackson1514 Aug 24, 2016
I would just like to say that your description of this story was absolutely beautiful!
ablurubu_99 ablurubu_99 Aug 08
I will miss them... Rip mr. Something Perkins and mrs. Something Perkins
ablurubu_99 ablurubu_99 Aug 08
I read "I want to please you" and my mind went to the gutter :s