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The Alpha's Street Dancer

The Alpha's Street Dancer

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Isobel Paxton By IMPaxton Updated Jun 14

The music was pulsing through my body. I let my body just flow with the music, letting the music decide my next moves. Just as I was finishing my back flip, I got a strange feeling that someone was watching me. I dismissed it at first, but when I got this strange feeling, going throughout my body, I had to stop. I went over to my stereo and turned off the music. Turning around, I saw that I had attracted a group of people. Probably the music attracted them, it's happened before, it'll happen again. I smiled at them and went to pick up my bag. I walked through the group but stopped all of a sudden when a big guy grabs my arm and pulls me towards him. That strange feeling was back, except it was directly under where this guy was holding my forearm. Was he the cause of all these strange tingles running up and down my arm? I ignored the feeling and pulled my arm back, the boy looked hurt almost. "The studio closes in 5 minuets weather you are still inside or not. Just so you know." I said over my shoulder walking to the door. I tightened my bag over my shoulder and made a bee-line straight for my bike. I pulled on my helmet and I was gone. 

What happens when the human dancer is actually a werewolf, but her parents have kept it a secret all this time. Who is the boy that gave her strange feeling that she can't control or doesn't understand. Will she cope with truth about her and her kind after it's been kept a secret all these years? And what will happen when someone who hasn't been heard of in a long time makes an appearance again?

I'd love to learn drums I got my guitar and piano down but I bet drums would be a lot of fun
Yes they can. Take it from a brass player that sits right in front of the base drum. It gets Annoying at times
why does this remind me of twilight? except it's switched a little.
TyTy132 TyTy132 Mar 11
You don't give anyone a chance to reply to have a proper conversation in the storyline. It makes it feel rushed, but so far it's a great story if you overlook it.
I really like this book but the cover page srsly sucks.. looks so old i'm just giving an opinion but if you change i am sure more readers will come😄👍🏻
XxBielbyxX XxBielbyxX Dec 26, 2016
I thought his name was Jake or am I stupid...
                              Nahhhhh I'm smart