Konoha High (Sasuke Love Story)

Konoha High (Sasuke Love Story)

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Name: Minako, Tsuki (Last name, first name)

 Age: 15

  Personality:incredibly smart, calm, sneaky, short tempered (I know you probably asking how is she calm but short tempered well she's calm most of the time but if it really annoys her then she gets very mad and I mean VERY!), very nosy, doesn't like to be center of attention, very blunt, she tends to stand out more than she wants to because she is very very outgoing, she very friendly, and is very very very strong so never get on her bad side.

 Appearance: She is 5"3" average highschool girl height. She has a perfect hour-glass figure, she has long straight dark brown hair that goes down to her

 mid-back. And her breast are slightly bigger than every girl at the school. Her eyes are a purplish-blue.

 Family overview: My family is rich because my father owns his own car company, one of the most popular companies in konoha, Minakos (Made up might as well name it after us). And my mom is a fashion model known across the country.


XD lol I'm good at three things that she is good at to,that is Darwing Fighting also Lying
lillemonlvr lillemonlvr Jul 06
when you dont want people to know you are rich and drive a  lambo to school exactly what I would do
TaeMatthews TaeMatthews Oct 04
                              *cough* sorry about that
I'm average high school girl height and I haven't even gone into 7th grade yet
Dang she's short! lmao Why do they have to be short? Man at least once make a girl tall in these. If she was real I would be taller then her. She's 15 and I'm 13 and taller XD
Moon_Star14 Moon_Star14 Nov 15
Singing, lying, dancing, playing guitar (sort of), and acting.... Is arguing and fighting the same thing?