Murder suicide

Murder suicide

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anadallyz By anadallyz Updated Jun 02, 2013

                                                                     CHAPTER 1 "THE FUNERAL"

 As ashed pore down into the sea. My face showers with tears. All I can and say " How? She was so young and I saw her two weeks ago. I can't believe she's gone, gone. She was only twenty."

  Every one that was there was still in shock. We surround the Atlantic cost with boats. I still feel like it's a dream. It feels so unreal. 

 "Carmen, we all know how it feels. It's not your fault. She was very depressed," Armando said to Carmen.

  "Armando, that was my sister an-" 

  "That was my sister too . Carmen, you think the one who's going through this. WE ALL ARE!"

  "Armando, I'm not saying that I-" 

  "Your implicating it,"

  "Can you, let me speak for once , with out intercepting me!?"

  "I'm sorry that just got me mad"

  "That was my sister, my twin sister and you honestly think she would do that? She couldn't even hurt a fly."


Emily1147 Emily1147 Jun 03, 2013
It's so sad, but I love it. Update soon.... 
                              I hope they are alive