Undertale, Underfell  LEMONS ONE-SHOTS

Undertale, Underfell LEMONS ONE-SHOTS

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Ciara Teh Wale By LeDipCiara_Pap Updated Aug 11

I don't know why but I felt like doing this..Be warned this has lots of lemonade....LEMONADE...

if it was pink lemonade then YES normal lemonade. im fine with it
Friskabobby Friskabobby Oct 25
Innocence: HELP ME!!
                              Sinner: MUST FINISH IT
                              Chara: *You're filled with DETERMINATION to finish this lemon
                              Innocence: I WANT TO LEAVE!!
*Sits in the corner shaking and rocking back and forth* Someone, please, pass me the holy water.
Friskabobby Friskabobby Oct 25
But there are only 300+ monsters in the Underground. Well..... that's how much you'll kill in the Genocide run, but still! But maybe there are more than 400. $H!+
When life gives you lemon, TURN 'EM ALL TO LEMONADEEEEE!!!!!!
Friskabobby Friskabobby Oct 25
                              LOOK AT WHAT YOU TWO HAVE DONE!! BAD SKELIES!! BAD!!