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Trapped (Madara Uchiha x OC)

Trapped (Madara Uchiha x OC)

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bandicoots By bandicoots Completed

My blood stained sword fell to my side as I glanced around the battlefield. Rain began to mix with blood.. the blood of my enemies.. and the blood of my clan. I had won the battle, but at what cost? The hyuga clan, as powerful as it was, was slowly diminishing in numbers. Our strength was great but enemy clans outnumbered us.. I slowly made my way amongst the carnage hoping I wasn't the only one to survive. "L-llady Ts-tsuki" I lifted my head and ran over to the survivor. "Your going to be okay" I healed him with my medical ninjutsu before lifting him onto my shoulders and heading back to the clan. 

I lay his body onto the bed as medic ninjas surrounded us. "Another victory.. the elders wish to congradulate you" I turned to my father and back at the man laying on the bed. This is victory? I turned and headed towards the council chambers, pushing past my father in the process. I knelt before the elders as they offered their praises. Hate began to consume me.. the blood shed of thousand...

YourEyesCaptivateMe YourEyesCaptivateMe Oct 09, 2016
                              *Mom: why are you squeeling?*
                              *Me: i just found another madara love story!!*
                              *Mom 'stops what she is doing': What? Where, hold on imma read this too.*
YourEyesCaptivateMe YourEyesCaptivateMe Oct 09, 2016
Shhhhhhh, he just needs time, cause he is THE husband believe me