a fiolee romance: loved you once...

a fiolee romance: loved you once...

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Rae By thedailylove Updated Jun 27, 2013

A/N hi loves!!! I'm starting a fanfic of the only straight couple i actually like!!!  hooray for fiolee!!!!! This is going to be a duo-fanfic written by me and Ashley, so hope u guys luv it!!.<3

Marshall Lee POV:

I heard shouting from the other room of the Candy Castle. It was Prince Gumball's room. The angry words were hard to understand, but what what I could make out was, "You asshole!!" and "Stupid bitch!" and the occasional, " Fuck you, you sonofabitch!"

Whatever was going on in there was something I should NOT get involved with. But, like an ass, I sat (more like hovered) by the door and listened to the heated argument until I heard sobs and the patter of running feet. Nervous, I quickly darted away from Gumball's door just in time to see Fiona burst out of there, her eyes glittering with lots of tears. 

Just in case you people don't know... Fiona and Gumball are(were) dating for awhile, until a rumor came up that Gumball had slept with someone else. I won't get into details,...

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Todeletesoon Todeletesoon Jun 17, 2013
@thedailylove I don't how to respond to you, you're making my husband sound like an ass!~Lee
thedailylove thedailylove Jun 17, 2013
@princegumballful @FioleeFans ummmm how should I react to this?...
FioleeFans FioleeFans Jun 05, 2013
Gumballs a jerk face, banishing all the animals like that! That means he banished Lord M too?