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Taken and Torn [Niam/Narry/Nouis/Ziall]

Taken and Torn [Niam/Narry/Nouis/Ziall]

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kʋʀt By fudgymonday Completed

Taken by four boys I never met - the superior bad boy, the erotic pervert, the enthusiastic clown and the mysterious daddy. Now I find myself working for them; clean their house, wash the dishes and even provide their sexual needs. Who knew one day will come that I have to choose between my abductors?

Now I open a new chapter of my life; a chapter wherein I realize that a small mistake can make a huge problem. So now here I am - taken, and now torn.

KittytheGamer293 KittytheGamer293 4 days ago
I feel the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I'm near you
jagijongin jagijongin Jan 29, 2016
Incase Niall doesn't want to do it.... I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!
jagijongin jagijongin Jan 29, 2016
Well, I think it's a slave that is used for sex.... Just a guess....
fanficfantic fanficfantic Jan 05, 2015
I'm gonna love this cause I ship Niall with all the boys in 1D!!
hoevuitton hoevuitton Jun 26, 2014
The prologue is really really good ! I am looking forward to the first chapter ! I am very excited to read the next chapter, your book looks very good ;)
insipid_rhyme insipid_rhyme Oct 15, 2013
Okay.. Its .. Its only.. ITS ONLY AWESOME!!
                              Like, woah!! 3 of my favorite ships EVER all in one fic?! 
                              Excuse while i GO DIE! 
                              Sorry, going a bit overboard..
                              Im just really happy that i came across this fic.. :)