dopamine  ° ALLISON ARGENT (Sarah McCall, #1)

dopamine ° ALLISON ARGENT (Sarah McCall, #1)

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My life didn't officially start till my idiotic best friend dragged me and my brother on a body hunt. 

Or to be more precise, it didn't start till an alpha werewolf bit me. 

As Stiles would say, "With great power, comes great responsibility." And boy did it. 

Though, my pain may be eased by the new arrival of Allison Argent. 

The catch?

A whole lot of pain. 

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MargoRoth2004 MargoRoth2004 Jul 12, 2017
Imagine that in this scene it would've been so funny 😂😂😂
-kelscal -kelscal Sep 21, 2017
maybe she took a shower, that’s what most people tend to do when they’re at home🙂🤷‍♀️
pomeremily pomeremily Apr 09, 2016
Stiles did you really think telling her this with her brother in the car was a good idea
travesty00 travesty00 Sep 07, 2016
Rude.  I'm  dumb asf,  I can only speak one language.  English.  And I can barely speak it seeing  as im flunking English in school at the moment.