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Emily Fowler By Emmyk1225 Updated Jul 12, 2015

By the title of this story you can probably tell what it's about. A tomboy. A.K.A  "
a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys." That's the google definition. Sounds more sexual than intended...But anyways, this is a story about my life, and about my very cliche teen drama, but I'll try to cut out all the soppy romance scenes. No one likes those anyways. But let's just jump right in and get to the story...I guess I should start from the beginning. 

                           I've  spent all my life living in England, but I'm not british, funny right? You see, I was homeschooled by my mother, who was American, and my father, also American. I never spoke to kids my age and never really left the house, Hence why I have no British accent. And clearly have amazing social skills right? I never went to regular school until about age of 15, I was enrolled into my local high school after constant pleading and begging to my parents. At this magical place called "public high school" I found my other half as you could call it, my bestfriend in the whole wide world...Steven. And he introduced me to his friends and it all went downhill from there...just kidding, they became like family to me, and I love them more than anything. personally guys are better friends than girls, they don't have petty drama and aren't afraid to get a little banged up and dirty. Now, Most people call me Bo, since I don't like my real name, even though my parents think it's just "dahling", but really, it's not worth even putting it in this story...that's how bad it is. But anyways, enough of this pointless banter..I mean, this is just the description anyways, we should probably just start the we go.  Copyright. All rights Reserved ©

queenthomas queenthomas Apr 22
Google definition is weird I think of it as 'a girl who enjoys male activities and rough play of course with boys." But that works too
FrnkInBootyShorts FrnkInBootyShorts Nov 04, 2016
That is me thought but I like the mall because of Zumies, Hot Topic, and Game Stop
Same bruh I feel yah! Especially how you said that pigging out and others are much better than shopping or whatever girls do
I'm with you I hate girl cloaths and pink and all of that stuff and make up I mean who even likes that stupid stuff I'm a Tom not and I'm proud
DiamondDynastyLife DiamondDynastyLife Oct 09, 2016
I like the mall 
                              Because of the good court and Champs
Twist3d_Dr3am Twist3d_Dr3am Sep 18, 2016
thats me right now. my mom bought me a pink dress and i guess it's cool, but just not me. i'm a tomboy, and i'm proud of it.