A New Brother (Brothers Conflict Fanfiction)

A New Brother (Brothers Conflict Fanfiction)

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weeburgoo By weeburgoo Updated May 28, 2016

"My son! When are you arriving in Japan?" Rintarou asked through the phone. The young man glanced at his watch. "Over about 2 hours" he sighed. "I hope you will feel at home with your bew brothers..." 

Meet Kazuo. He's the adoptive brother of Ema and is a famous model. What will happen when he discoveres that the brothers are in love with Ema? Will there be a change of heart?

(I suck at descriptions XD WARNING: This is a boyxboy fanfiction, so if you're not into stuff like this. I don't recommend it XD Oh and I don't own any characters in this story, except for my OC's :))

mintaes- mintaes- Oct 17, 2016
I just have to say, she's lucky to have a brother like me. 😉 (*wink wink*)
SushiTaco SushiTaco May 31, 2016
Isn't this sosuke from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club? But i luv Nagisa and Haru
Shyuki-nyan Shyuki-nyan Feb 17
Doritos is best! When people hear him moan, they be thinking "wtf..."
mintaes- mintaes- Oct 17, 2016
Omg it's Sousuke! Now I can understand why he's a model. ❤❤
Joce2649 Joce2649 Aug 10, 2016
COOL! It's Sousuke! And I just thought of something funny, if Kazuo and Yuusuke were to talk at the same time, no one could tell who's voice is whose since they have the same voice (Japanese)
Ravenswood547 Ravenswood547 Dec 17, 2016
If I was in that situation I would say "leave me and my Doritos alone!"