Yandere! Brothers x sister! Reader

Yandere! Brothers x sister! Reader

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FUJOSHI By DiabolikLoversFreak Updated Sep 08

Alan and Alex were twins. One day their mom tells them some good news...she's pregnant!

Their mom has a girl, (you!) and the twins loved you. They became Yandere.

They will kill anyone who touches you...just like they did to their mother...and their father...

How will you live with your crazy brothers?

Man it's so weird that MY own brother did that... 😐😯😨
The description is how I look I have short hair and brown eyes
Yandererulz Yandererulz Aug 02
It was cute until I read bathe than my mind was like  😏pervert mode activate😏
Add a dark almost black to those and boom! My eyes and hair colour.
Ok so let me get this straight...I see two pair of blue eyes staring at and I think IT'S SILLY?!
So I'm 3 and your trying to get with me. Aren't you like 9?😒