Yandere! Brothers x sister! Reader

Yandere! Brothers x sister! Reader

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Dude. By DiabolikLoversFreak Updated Sep 14

Alan and Alex were twins. One day their mom tells them some good news...she's pregnant!

Their mom has a girl, (you!) and the twins loved you. They became Yandere.

They will kill anyone who touches you...just like they did to their mother...and their father...

How will you live with your crazy brothers?

How do you even know what's happening? YOU'RE LIKE 9!! BOI! How'd you lost your innocence? 
                              Plus! Im 3. FUDGING 3! 🙎
I'm like the opposite of that. Turquoise eyes and blond hair. Dang darn it.
Sort of. Half of my head shaved but yeah the rest of it is short... Ish?
-Kai_Demon- -Kai_Demon- Jun 11
Is that Len kagimete...wait is the spelling correct...no...I DONT FREAKING KNOW
My hair is black just like me or my skin color if you want to get technical
DriewSenn DriewSenn Mar 22
Brooo I fckin love you but wtf I dont fckin interrupt my sleep