Gray x Natsu "A Gratsu Fanfic"

Gray x Natsu "A Gratsu Fanfic"

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Juvia By SolenaThibodeau Updated Jun 20

Mira's POV

"Poor Natsu and Gray... Well, they should know not to make bets they can't win." An evil smile gave way on my face.

"You don't think they'll kill each other do you?" Levy asked worriedly.

"Nah, I'm actually hoping they'll find their true feelings and fall inlove!" I cheered

"Uhh.. I don't think that'll ever happen Mira..." Lucy protested.

"Oh Lucy you're just jealous! I know you like Natsu, but their love will be too strong to break." I said with care.

"IDIOT! I don't like Natsu! Plus.. How could I like Natsu.. When.. I like-"

"Okay folks that's all we got time for! Enjoy the story!"

Umm... if they have that bubble thing how will they go to the bathroom and take a shower
....tbh... This need to be an ep on the real fairy tail anime ♡(∩o∩)♡