Nothing between Us

Nothing between Us

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♡Angelique♡ By lique_fromstatefarm Updated Nov 10

Brandon Cortez is a 16 year old boy who lives in the biggest house in the world. 

His house is larger the size of New York, and his family are the richest people on the entire planet. He gets everything he wants...but something He feels incomplete, like he needs that special someone, and money doesn't buy you someone to love.

Natalie Garcia has been friends with Brandon for years. 

Shes always liked Brandon. They were really close friends just like everyone else was close, but they seem to be a lot closer. Natalie wants to confess her feelings but, Brandon isn't the easiest person to confess feelings to. She wants to confess but there are so many things stopping her.

With all the drama going on with their large friendship circle, Natalie knows that there will never be anything between them.

this_bitch_ this_bitch_ Sep 18
Back to sleep? I thought Victor was the one that was sleep?😂 I guess they both were lol
Mainnn1 Mainnn1 Oct 08
This happened to me once! I was looking for my remote for like 30 minutes then my brother sat on the couch with the remote in his hand and said he accidentally took it to the bathroom!
boomerreign boomerreign Sep 21
The way his- morning breath hit my face like a warm breeze in the summer