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Document I: Mind Locked (A Naruto Story)

Document I: Mind Locked (A Naruto Story)

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Melissa Marie C. By Most_Fandoms2000 Completed

Naomi Asami is a 12 year old shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. When Naomi was 6 she had lost her memories and woke up suddenly in front of the gates of the Hidden Leaf Village. The 3rd Hokage brought her into the village and she grew up to find out she had the talents to be a ninja. 
She soon enrolled into the Academy and continues her story with her new found friends! As she grew, she found out that she has a special ability. She thought she just had a knack for reading people really easily, but realized that if she transferred her chakra to her eyes, she could read their personality, traits, hobbies, fighting style, and Justus easily. But that's not the only power she discovers. 
Venture on with Naomi and find out what happened to her in her past, why she has these powers, and who she really is.

A/N: There is some changes in this story of Naruto, but I will attempt to make it as close as possible to the original Naruto! Hope you enjoy!

sasukira24 sasukira24 Jun 17
Ok i think that we all can agree that kotetsu is way more hotter!😉
Wait, wait, waaaiitt
mackattack58 mackattack58 Sep 11, 2016
Aren't storm release and wood release chakra nature's not kekkei genkai?
JhunMikay094 JhunMikay094 Dec 12, 2016
Wow, this is so cool.. She knows all the info of her classmates..that's kinda creepy but also cool at the same time, no offence
HybridCraft_HGF HybridCraft_HGF Dec 13, 2016
...oh, oh, oh noooo I think she might have been Orochimaru's lab rat! That JERK!
Chocolate_Oranges Chocolate_Oranges Mar 06, 2016
When I saw rebirth I thought of revive, which in turn made me think of ERASED