The Clone Wars: Virus

The Clone Wars: Virus

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EuphoricDystopia By CyanGalaxy Completed

Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano are on a supply mission, In search for the ancient  Eleminew Herb in hopes to cure an unknown but deadly virus. 

When their ship has a horrific crash, the three are left lost, stranded and injured. They must find a way to locate the herb and bring it back to Coruscant in time.

However, when a member of their on group is infected with the virus, the mission to retrieve the Herb becomes more and more important!


NOTES: Ahsoka's first person POV and it's not completely edited, though most of it is. I don't own Star Wars

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What do you mean, "This is great."? You haven't heard the plot twist yet.
Michtheduck Michtheduck May 21, 2017
NERD ALERT! Its like Venus, hot during the day, cold during the night.
Marie_yaaeh Marie_yaaeh Feb 16
Eleminew... that's a tongue twister for a German... or just for me...
TheSeal10 TheSeal10 Dec 29, 2017
No in an epidemic state cdc or blah blah blah you to wear a sealed suit any cuts have to be covered and a gas mask must be issued and they have those I saw em
I already like how you wrote Ahsoka. It's just like her to be worried about everyone and to feel completely helpless when things got out of her control. Good job
EthanFriend03 EthanFriend03 Jun 26, 2016
Good story! For more great stories, feel free to check mine out. Thanks.