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No More Boundaries (Undertale! Sans X Reader)

No More Boundaries (Undertale! Sans X Reader)

75.7K Reads 1.8K Votes 11 Part Story
IRLpaintfill By GhostFight10 Updated Sep 11, 2016

You've heard the stories of how spiteful and cruel monsters are, but you start to question what everybody has told you when you run into a certain skeleton.

Minecrafter_sandra Minecrafter_sandra Jun 13, 2016
Oooh yay!!!Sounds exciting!!!!This book was great its gonna be even more awesome now to!!!YESSSSSS XD
Scarlett_N Scarlett_N Nov 06, 2016
I just realized, I thought it was weird when I saw the exact same beginning chap for the third time, then i realized you were the author of all the books
Fearhoodie Fearhoodie Jun 11, 2016
I actually like that wayyy better even though I already loved it!
skeleton, don't you know how to deal with a kid who probably did a genocide run in the last reset?
Oh thank god. I mean I love romance and ect. But realism is a bit more fun and suspenseful!
                              So yay!
XSilentSniperX XSilentSniperX Nov 27, 2016
*You are captured by the GREAT PAPYRUS.* Papyrus: NYE HE HE! *Everyone is happy with this.