A man awakens in a secluded cabin to find he's being watched through his window by a shape...a shape with obsidian eyes. What's watching him, and why? 
    This two-time award-winning story by "Pilate's Cross" author J. Alexander Greenwood is a study in isolation, the bonds between parent and child and the horror that lives on every street.
@PilatesCross Good God. I cried. I wanted to read more, but it definitely served it's purpose as a short story. You know how to tell one. Absolutely loved it.
So far I'm on the third page and I'm already hooked, I think this is really beautifully written. I love the term "halo of moonlight", it's very original and creative. I can see myself reading most of your work.
I really have enjoyed your story. It flowed nicely. I agree description and just the way you keep your readers wanting more. I'm going to check out your other books since I have a nook.
I really loved this story! I loved your detailed descriptions and your gradual build up of tension- absolutely amazing!
This is really good...the character traits are unique and relatable to anyone who reads it
This is amazing! I love how you capture just how terrifying the creatures seemed to be, and how you made everything so smooth and fluent.