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Stuck In Love (discontinued)

Stuck In Love (discontinued)

848K Reads 16.4K Votes 53 Part Story
❀ By fioreluce Updated Feb 16

There's a 13 year old named Kristin Coleman, she moves to Reston Virginia, she wasn't excited, but she got over it, she met the boy of her dreams, Jacob Sartorius. But, betrayal, and heartbreak makes her the most depressed girl in the world, will she get better, or will she just give up on everything?

NightMimes NightMimes Jul 17, 2016
Apparently people have actually written Jacob saggytits fanfiction and I have my bleach right by my side just incase things get especially cringy.
FaeryJacob FaeryJacob Feb 12
Wowowowowowowoowowowowow like if you don't like this book why you reading it? 😂I love roof Jacum Saggytittitititjsnans jk jk 💦❤⬇😤💍😤⬇🌚💀😁👄😂💦👅❣😂💀❔😂⬇😤
KaramelPuppy KaramelPuppy Jul 12, 2016
Hi everyone can anybody follow me plz i would  really love it
bxbbybookworm bxbbybookworm Jul 19, 2016
Check out khia lopez
                              I just look like potatoes compared to those kids
JirachiScratchz JirachiScratchz Jul 20, 2016
I just came here to comment on the atrocious grammar, to be honest b
JLawenforcers JLawenforcers Jul 18, 2016
I just love that we actually have a fabric about A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD like wow I'm there relationship won't last their 13