Distant. (Dark Harry Fan Fiction)

Distant. (Dark Harry Fan Fiction)

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IDEK PEOPLE By ThinkingHonestly Updated Aug 14, 2014

"Please, go away." I desperately pleaded as he pinned me against the wall- his massive hands cupping my wrists. I closed my eyes firmly shut as I wouldn't want to get lost in those pools of emeralds once again. "Let me go." I said more firmly this time, but it sounded more of a squirm than anything.


"Isn't that what I've been asking for, all this time?" He retorted, his voice husky and smug. "But, it's too late now." He said grimly.


And it really was. I've fallen to a very deep pit and all I can do now is savor the fall.


Be warned: Story containing sexual scenes which may not be suitable for very young readers.


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AmericanHobos AmericanHobos Jun 01, 2017
I thought it was in Harry's POV and Simon was his stepdad and he caught him cheating. Then I reread it 😂😂
newyorktumblr newyorktumblr Oct 15, 2017
Every girl knows when there being cheated on it’s just we chose not believe it until we see it
hangnail hangnail May 28, 2017
Cobalt_Jay Cobalt_Jay Nov 11, 2016
I can't see a Simon being a cheater. It's too cute of a name
ashtonchrist ashtonchrist Aug 08, 2016
turns out he didnt love your back, and he loved your elbow instead. betrayal is a tragedy.
justedirectioner justedirectioner Aug 27, 2015
hello, I love your story and I would like to ask you if I can not translated into French. By crediting you, well if there isnt already a translation. Answer me quickly .