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Have you ever met the real Tom Riddle?
The real Tom Riddle is someone hard to find, but he lingers.
He was that curious little boy in the orphanage that still had feelings, hope, emotion that slowly dwindled away until there was almost nothing left. 
But I have seen the real Tom Marvolo Riddle, like no one else has. 
And in the worst way possible.
It is a regret that she was a Ravenclaw, not a Slytherin, like me. 
I find her ingriguing and mysterious but not so in a suspicious way. 
She is astonishingly beautiful, pureblood. Perfect for me. 
I'll make sure this world is perfect for her. For us. 
She'll be mine.
I'll make sure of that.

*a Tom Riddle story*

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Wait why did tom go into the bathroom? And when he did wouldn't he have seen her...or nah