Screw Me Over (18+)

Screw Me Over (18+)

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Rena (Reenah) By oncetheywrite Updated 14 hours ago

"One thing I shouldn't do is tell these girls something. When you tell one of them something, they all have to know. They find out everything. 



Living with roommates isn't easy in itself.

Living with your best friends could be worse...

Especially if you're living with 4 of them and their child.

When you have that one mom roommate with lustful tendencies, another can't seem to get out of bed unless it's midnight, one that can't stop eating all the food in the house while another will rip the entire house to shreds if you get on her bad side, and that one roommate that acts like a prima-donna....

There's bound to be an earthquake in the tiny apartment. Game on.

In order to maintain a stable household and environment, these five ladies have to come together and learn how to set boundaries for the household, their friendships, and their own lives.  

⚠️Trigger Warnings: This book may contain some sensual scenes! Girl-on-girl play and such! There may also be signs of abuse in this story! Do not try any of these abuse things at home! Remember that you are loved and valued! THIS IS AN 18+ STORY SO PROCEED WITH CAUTION!⚠️

Shoutout to @deniseangelwrites for  making the cover for my book! You are awesome! 


-Honorary Mention in The 2020 Adobo Awards! 💜
-Honorary Mention in The 2020 Winter Rose Awards! 🌷

Written: January 2016