Abused, So how did I catch Mr. Celebrity's eye?

Abused, So how did I catch Mr. Celebrity's eye?

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Nikki By Vampie Updated Aug 19, 2011

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Kali is a hardworking girl. She works at the Chicken house nine hours a day. With little. Pay then she has school. But Kali has no choice. Her parents won't and can't work.They are both Alcoholics. And are always drunk. So Kali pays for everything. Including the booze. She has too. It's either give them the money or be severely beaten. Which she is on a daily bias. 

Blain Andrews is the Famous lead singer to the band. Black Thorn. Everyone knows who they are. And many love them. But Blain is tired of the crazed fan girls.  They always want him in bed, or his money. But what happens when their tour bus breaks down in a little town. And they Have no food, so to go to the only restaurant The Chicken house. 

What happens when these two meet? Will Blain find his dream girl? Will Kali ever be free of her parents?