My Little Nerd 📕🕷🕸📕

My Little Nerd 📕🕷🕸📕

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Neko Girl By NekoRock101 Updated Jul 09, 2017

Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste X Nerd, Shy, Depress (a little) Reader

You was a happy good sprites child when you was 6 year old, you was very smart and had a wonderful life with your all you best friends, and Mom and Dad, until....

A terrible car crash had happen killing both of your parents... And at that time and place everything had change.

You lost all of your friends, they start hurting you, beating you, becoming your bullies and then you had to live with another stranger that you don't even know... until you meet her

(F/N), a girl that became your new best friend.... a very closest friend to you

But after many years of bully and pain you and (F/N) decided to go to a different school in Paris call Collège Françoise Dupont

But right when you step foot into Collège Françoise Dupont everything had change for you.

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BlackWolfSniper BlackWolfSniper Jul 08, 2016
You have a lot of spelling errors and I'm ok with that and I also love your work its really good!
puffybabyunicorn puffybabyunicorn Nov 02, 2016
How normal friends salut their friends- Hey how are u I've missed u this summers how's life / How U salut best friends- COME HERE U LITTLE JERK FACE READY DLR A YEAR OF MISERY UR SO HORRIBLE *laughing hugging and PEOPLE looking at U WEIRD*
Pockyfer Pockyfer Aug 29, 2016
*sees "Okie dokie"* *becomes a Korean rapper*
                              OKEY DOKEY O
                              IS THAT TRUE
KamiKam1024 KamiKam1024 Jul 16, 2016
His name is gonna be Alec *Sees the part when it says she* Oh ya gotta be kittening me
_king_-_joey_ _king_-_joey_ Aug 12, 2016
I like the outfit but.. It looks like kinda more a Halloween costume but... Doesn't matter
- - Jul 21, 2016
Hey, I always get higher than 95s on tests and I only got a 95 a few times this year🤓