Terra Natus

Terra Natus

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Nathalia By readmyvoice Updated Apr 28, 2017

At the close of the 'Destruction' - Mother (Terra) had finally had enough. 
  No more would the humans be allowed to slaughter one another pointlessly. 
  No more would they take the rest of her, and her other children, down with them in the process.

Thus, she called forth Terra Natus (Earth Arisen):
    "They came from the trees, they came from the water, from the rocks, from the plants. Mother Terra calling her other children out from centuries of standing idle, martyrs of a dying world, to fight back.
     Some saw them it is said, saw them walk right up out of the water, saw a boulder unfold itself and stand, just as you or I might. One second a mighty tree, the next? A being, arms stretched up to the glorious sun.
     (And) No sooner did we see them, than they were shooting us down.
     We were finally paying for our sins, and for the sins of our parents, and their parents before them...It was a heavy debt to pay."

Generations later, the Terra Brothers, or Protectors, haven't even seen a human near their borders in so long that rumors of their extinction has spread.
  Rumors which are about to be put to rest in a big way, when Isa (the human) and Salix (the Protector) find their paths inescapably interwoven in the pursuit of eliminating a threat to Mother - the likes of which hasn't been known since the age of human dominance.
But what is it?
  And what could have been so terrible as to drive Isa within the Protector's borders in the first place, knowing she would most likely be killed?
  Furthermore, how will Salix and Isa's relationship develop as they come to find, much to their surprise, that the other is not exactly like what they had been lead to believe?
  Come inside and find out!
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Original and epic cover art by @Neenerst - I mean seriously, look how she captured all the elements of the story. And I just can't get over the textured strands of hair!

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