He's a Bad Boy

He's a Bad Boy

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"Let me help you," I said almost pleadingly. 

He scoffed. "Why should I let you do that? I don't need your help."  He turned and started to walk away.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me. "I care about you, okay? I know that trust is something that you're not used to - but I'm real, Cabel." 

He shook his head. "Leave me alone." 

I grabbed his jaw and made him look at me. "You need help, Cabel." I brought his face closer to mine. "Please let me help you."

I looked into his green eyes and saw that he was falling apart. 

Cabel Foster was broken. And I was going to put him back together. 


Evangelina (Evan) Sky moves to Beverly Hills with her mother because of her job. Evan was upset about leaving her BestFriend, but glad to leave San Diego after having a terrible incident at a party. You would think that moving to Beverly Hills would be great, but no. Right when Evan gets there, she hears yelling and other terrible things from the house next to her. That was a night Evan would never forget. 

Started: January 18, 2016

Coincidently a guy informed me today that he has a spanking fetish and naturally me and my sister just scooted away from were he sat :3
Where's cassidy she's supposed to be hanging out with you because you finna leave but where she at doe
This is what is supposed to happen when the girl almost falls but the boy "catches" her😉😉😉😉
narrysbish narrysbish Jul 18
Lmao im so lonely and im lowkey wanting this to happen to me
Xenia_19 Xenia_19 Oct 23
Y'all really need to read the story description before you read it.
ladykobe8 ladykobe8 Jan 27
He's always gone, gone, gooone
                              In the night he hears their calling