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alphabet boy | lightwood

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cutkosky By cap-tain Updated Jul 27, 2016

" youre the prince of the playground, cedric, and no one could dream of touching you, so how could i? "
          " touch me like you love me. "

[season 1]

disclaimer; i don't own shadowhunters

Yes finally a Alec fic with a male face claim, bless your soul.
EllieLayla EllieLayla Apr 05, 2016
I don't know why but this makes me laugh so much in the show.
now this is the sort of quality content i'm here for at 2 am on monday morning where i shall be sitting three exams later on in the day
anaxgab anaxgab Mar 04
I thought it would be impossible to him get any hotter, but hell… I was wrong
-coldblooded -coldblooded Jun 01, 2016
Alec might as well be a demon then, because he sure finds Cedric attractive
SayraTasnim SayraTasnim Jul 10, 2016
Izzy: Teases Alec.
                              Alec: "Shut Up Isabelle."
                              That is like 80% of their relationship.