Don't    h.g

Don't h.g

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Lily❇ By ovohayes Updated Sep 25

"Don't play with her don't be dishonest"
"I want you bad as ever"
"Do all I can just  to show you you're special"

7hayes 7hayes Aug 22
I am determined to find at least 1 guy friend like this this year.
Aaaaahhhhhh it's my other babe. Our of like 90000000000 other babes haha
7hayes 7hayes Aug 22
I need some over protective guy friends like this. F\/cking goals. My guy friends don't give a sh1t about me. Like I'm serious.
7hayes 7hayes Aug 22
Well damn close @$$ best friends right there like reaaaaal close like wth?
7hayes 7hayes Aug 22
Can I get a Cam somewhere? Pls? Like can I get one on eBay my local target?
7hayes 7hayes Aug 22
Guys always know when a girls jealous it's annoying 😣🙄😂