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It has been 7 years since the werewolves took over.

Within that time period, humans have had every aspect of their lives controlled. From where they lived, to where they worked. Even what humans wore was strictly controlled as well as the amount of children a human couple were allowed to have.

I was nine years old when the world changed. And it was most certainly not for the better.


At only 16 years old, Brenna Williams lives through starvation and cruelty at the mercy of Werewolves. She lives in the poorest communities for humans, struggling to remain afloat and feed her 7 year old brother, Sam. They both live day to day in a world where humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. But what happens when a werewolf claims Brenna as his mate? Find out in Taken.

  • dystopia
  • horror
  • humanmate
  • mate
  • rebel
  • werewolf
I can’t believe this is only chapter one, you were so descriptive, it’s like in reading a paper back book 😜
                              That must be heartbreaking to have to see your brother like that...
dontjudgemotion dontjudgemotion Jun 13, 2017
I love this book it has such detail and I love the plotline it's only the second chapter!!!!! And it's great
*wispers* actually humans are in the middle of the food chain..... random fact....
dontjudgemotion dontjudgemotion Jun 13, 2017
This is already so good her emotions go so deep and the description was wonderful
Chocolatey16 Chocolatey16 Dec 05, 2017
You have six hours at school? We have eight and a half. Omg. This is the only thing going through my mind right now is anyone else bothered by this